Find Out Why You're Deficient in Essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids ... Even Though You're Eating Fish and Taking Fish Oil Capsules

Written By Adam Pischner | January 14, 2019

Being deficient in omega-3 fatty acids is one of the top 10 causes of death in America. According to Harvard University research, not getting enough omega-3's kills 96,0000 seemingly healthy people every year*. 

As if that wasn't bad enough, some of the symptoms of omega-3 deficiency include obesity, type-2 diabetes, asthma, and damaged, brittle hair and nails. 

But what if you regularly consume fatty fish, such as salmon? 

The problem is two-fold: the quality of your omega-3 sources and the level of omega-6's in our modern diets. 

When the ratio of omega-3's and omega-6's in your body becomes unbalanced, all sorts of health problems can creep up on you. One of the contributing factors of this imbalance is the consumption of omega-6 fatty acids, which has risen in the past 50 years due to the abundance of vegetable oils in our foods. So even if you are getting plenty of omega-3's through eating salmon, you're still going to be deficient and the imbalance will continue because omega-6's are so hard to avoid and easily consumed in today's society.

Getting the Balance Right: How Omega-3 Fatty Acids Can Make You Slim, Happy, and Beautiful 

If you get the ratio of omega-3's to omega-6's in your body somewhat balanced, all sorts of magic begins to happen.

Your risk of heart disease and various cancers—such as colon, prostate, and breast cancer can be reduced. Symptoms of ADHD and depression can be reduced and become manageable. Mental performance and focus can be improved giving you that feeling of being refreshed and alert. Your hair, nails, and skin will have that healthy glow and look again. Omega-3 fatty acids have also been clinically proven to improve cardiovascular health and reduce unwelcome conditions such as coronary heart disease and hypertension. 

Fish Quality: Avoid Bad Fish to Get the Best Omega-3's

In a perfect world, you would get all the omega-3's you need from just eating fish—just like our ancestors did. Unfortunately, our seas aren't what they used to be and not everyone fancies eating fish all time.

So due to poor-quality fish, that is probably contaminated with mercury, people are turning to fish oil supplements to get their essential omega-3 fatty acids. Problem solved, right?

Not quite.

Does Your "Fish Oil" Supplement Actually Contain Fish?

In 2015, the independent supplement testing company Labdoor tested 54 of the most commercially popular fish oils in the marketplace**. Many of these supplements contained lower amounts of omega-3s and salmon oil than stated in their claims and nutritional info - up to 60% lower!

Labdoor also tested each of the fish oil supplements for freshness. They found all 54 fish oils in the study contained measurable levels of oxidation, which causes fats and oils to deteriorate resulting in the classic unpleasant odour and taste historically found in fish oils. Oxidation is not obvious to the average consumer. In fact, many consumers probably don't even know about oxidation because many of the manufacturers of fish oils now add a strong flavor, such as citrus, to mask and disguise the rancidity of their fish oils.

The Labdoor tests also revealed that over 50 of the best-selling fish oils tested positive (if not high) for mercury content.

One of the leading companies fighting the good fight for high-quality fish oils is Vik75. They provide the freshest salmon oil on the market by guaranteeing the passage from live fish to fish oil in only 75 minutes, thereby substantially reducing the levels of oxidation. Why does this matter? It means that Vik75 contains the freshest salmon oil available for you.

Vik75 harvest their salmon from the arctic circle, ensuring that you're only get wild salmon caught from a clean environment. This means that you're getting doses of high-quality fish oil that reduces inflammation for better joint health, improves brain function and development, supports cardiovascular health, and enhances muscle growth.

Vik75's Salmon Oil is made right here in the USA, within an FDA-approved facility, and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) stamped for high-quality pharmaceutical production.

The Health Benefits of Omega-3's...Without the Hassle of Carrying Capsules

So who really enjoys taking those somewhat large pills and capsules that are oh-so-easy to swallow? If you find it inconvenient to travel with a pill bottle full of fish oil capsules, you'll find Vik75's Salmon Oil vials to be the perfect travel companion. Whether in the office or on-the-go, getting your daily recommended intake of omega-3's is as easy as taking a quick shot of Vik75 fresh salmon oil.

No More "Fish Burps" Or Aftertaste

Let's be honest. Opening a bottle of fish oil supplements doesn't necessarily produce the desirable fragrant scent that would entice one to consume the whole bottle in seconds. In fact, one common complaint by many consumers is that fish oil supplements have a strong fishy smell that actually makes you think twice about ingesting the supplement. So if the smell doesn't turn you away, let's bring up the other common complaint - the awesome awful aftertaste and "fish burps" that can last the whole day.

Vik75 has gone to great lengths to ensure its salmon oil supplement is tasteless and odourless. Here's one customer's verdict: